Fuel Cell Evaluation and Research Center



Leading Professor: Dr. Bade Shrestha

Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

Western Michigan University



The research focus of the center is on the performance and efficiency evaluation of various PEM and Alkaline fuel cells. The effect of various operating parameters such as pressure, temperature, humidity, load, atmospheric impurities and composition are investigated. The transient performance and control strategies are also the area of investigation both experimentally and analytically through simulation and modeling.


The next area of research is focused on the electrochemical phenomena of the electrode materials, catalysts (noble or non-noble metals), process of loading of catalyst and assembly methodology of membrane-electrolyte-assembly. It also includes the research and development of enhanced bipolar, mono-polar and simulation model development using CFD.


The center is used both in teaching and research for undergraduate and graduate students.

The List of major equipment:


1. Fuel Cell Test Station              

2. Hydrogen Generating System

3. Test PEM and Alkaline Fuel Cells

4. Impedance Meter

5. Gas chronography




Fuel Cell Test Station


n      Up to 3 KW capacity testing

n      Two mass flow meters in each side

n      DPH humidifying system

n      Cooling system

n      Temperature control

n      Automated data acquisition system






On going research areas


n      Optimization, Modeling and Simulation of PEM and AFC

n      New Electrode Development using Nano Technology Architecture

n      Development of Micro Fuel Cell Technology

n      Alternative Electrolyte Member Research

n      FC Micro Channel Modeling and Experiment Research


For more information please contact Dr. Bade Shrestha at Bade.Shrestha@wmich.edu